Write: Business plan

Business plan should cover the following topics. They can be organized and titled in different way, but in order to be comprehensive a business plan must provide information on these:

  • Executive Summary

  • The Opportunity

  • Technical Analysis

  • Environmental Analysis – PEST

  • Market Analysis – Market Size and Growth

  • Competitive Analysis (Porters Five Forces)

  • Identification of Customer – Target Market and Segmentation

  • Primary Target Audience (PTA)

  • Value Proposition and Compelling Need to Buy

  • SWOT

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Financial Analysis and Return on Investment

  • Management Team

  • Timescale

  • Risks

  • Exit Strategy

There are many different Business plan templates out there on the web, so just google and select one. Choose it by the following criterias:

  1. Does it cover all aspects listed above

  2. Does it have a help ( sometimes blue) text that explains how to fill in each section

  3. Is it posted by an authority

  4. Does it follow the guidelines of the investor or institution you want to present it to