The impact of ICT systems on road transport SMEs in Australia

Purpose – This paper will summarize the research on ICT systems used in logistics section and their impact on business performance done during the last decade in Australia. Sources from industry reports, statistical
reports and empirical studies have been analysed in order to provide the best answer to the question: What is the impact of ICT systems on business performance of road transport SMEs in Australia?
Design/methodology/approach – An analysis of the most cited sources was performed. All the hypotheses
were extracted and the outcome of it was used to define variables affecting business performance of certified companies. Findings – This paper presents a comprehensive benchmarking analysis of the most popular ICT systems available for road transport in Australia and suggests an optimal ICT system.
Research limitations/implications – The study makes use of literature review as a research method and
this brings certain limitations. Some of the findings discussed are based on research and literature reviews which have not been carried out within Australia and therefore the different business environment and culture may affect the findings and make them irrelevant for the Australia logistics sector.
Originality/value – The paper identified the most common reasons and inhibitors for adoption of ICT system by road transport SMEs. It defines the cost effective technical features of an ideal ICT system and compares it with the existing ICT system on the market in order to understand if those fulfil the needs.
Keywords Logistics, Information and Communication Technology in logistics, Information Systems in
logistics, e-freight portal, road transport, Australia
Paper type Literature review

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