Write one pager with your idea

It is very important to have one page with your idea that you can leave with an investor and just be able to send it very fast after a preliminary talk with potential partner.

The idea should be very short and should not go over 1 A4 page standard font size and line spacing. On that one page you should include the following:


  • Idea name

  • 1 sentence explaining what is it about

  • 1 sentence explaining the problem your idea solves

  • Why is your solution unique

  • What resources you need, e.g. investment, skills, partners, connections

The Value

  • Proof that this idea creates value for someone, e.g. Statistical proof, interview with potential customers, market research

  • Explain the value your idea creates with 1 sentence

  • How is it going to work 1 sentence

  • How big is your target market

The Price

  • How much it will cost for the customer to buy

  • How much it will cost to produce

  • How much it will cost to deliver

  • What is the investment needed

  • When is this investment needed, at the beginning, at once or as few  instalments

  • What is the Return On Investment

The Risk

  • List the potential risk for your idea

  • Describe your solutions to overcome  those risks