Impact of ISO 9000 on Business Performance

Purpose – This paper will summarize the research on ISO 9000 certification impact on business performance done during the last two decades and will group the results based on variables affecting it. Sources from case studies, statistical reports and empirical studies have been analysed in order to provide the best answer to the question: Does ISO 9000 affect business performance?
Design/methodology/approach – An analysis on the most cited ISO 9000 sources was performed. All the hypothesis were extracted and the outcome of it was used to define variables affecting business performance of certified companies.
Findings – After implementing the ISO 9000 standard companies have raised sales, which resulted in higher profit. For many of those companies, higher profit was the main goal. The targeted goal for implementing the standard plays a key role in the outcome of the certification. According to the results company size and post certified period does not affect ISO 9000 implementation and business performance.
Research limitations/implications – Testing other researches analysis brings some limitations. The methods, data and approach taken differ from one research to another. The sample data is from different business area, region, period and years. These aspect variations may result in statistical error. On the other hand this study used limited number of research papers, which does not grasp all possible findings in the area.
Originality/value – The paper identified the most common variables affecting business performance. It summarize findings from the last two decades and provide a nice overview of the current state of the art in respect to ISO 9000.
Keywords ISO 9000, business performance, TQM, ISO 9000 hypothesis, ISO 9000 process variables
Paper type Literature review

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