Strategic Technology Management in a Software Company: a case study

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess and document the key aspects in’s success, identify current gaps, and provide direction for future research efforts.
Design/methodology/approach –’s case study and literature on strategic management, technology management and strategic technology management was reviewed.
Findings – The review summarizes significant aspects of’s success, many of which results from its strategic technology management.
Research limitations/implications – This effort is not an exhaustive review of all research published on strategic technology management. This review does not consider unpublished papers, papers in non-academic journals, or papers presented at
Practical implications – This review is a useful resource for strategic technology management researchers interested in high-technology companies and software companies willing to learn key aspects of’s success.
Originality/value – This paper uses the course material plus supplementary literature of other researchers to measure achievement against academic theory. The gaps identified and challenges made will serve as a foundation upon which future
researchers can build.
Paper type Case Study Analysis
Keywords Strategic management, technology management, strategic technology management, case study

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