Define personal values

Before you start any business you must be aware of yourself: what is good and what is bad according to your moral values, What makes you happy in life, Where you want to be in 5 and in 10 years, Who do you want to be, etc.

There are few abstract questions, categorized in three groups below that will help you find yourself.

Entrepreneurs’ current goals

  1. Where do i want to go?

  2. What kind of enterprise do i want to build?

  3. What risks and sacrifices such an enterprise demand?

  4. Can I accept those sacrifices?

Evaluates your strategies for attaining entrepreneurs goals

  1. How will I get there?

  2. Is the strategy well defined?

  3. Can the strategy generate sufficient profits and grow ?

  4. Is the strategy sustainable?

  5. Are my goals to grow too conservative or too aggressive?

Assess your capacity to execute entrepreneurs strategies

  1. Can i DO it ?

  2. Do i have the right resources and relationships?

  3. How strong is the organisation?

  4. Can i Play my role?